About me

Chasing shape is a health blog, whose essence is to inspire you to a healthier living. I Cecilie Wiese Bang, Is the writer of chasing shape. I’ve trained through many years, mostly running – but through my education, discovered the importance in weightlifting. I’m born with an endless passion for health, exercise and an eager to use my body.

On my Website you will find:

Healthy recipes – Without to many additives, salt and sugars

Workouts – For beginners as well as advanced athletics.

Mindfulness  How to connect physiology and physically.

The balance between soul and body – My own perspective

Reaching your goals – How to motivate yourself.

     Gym Injuries – Do’s and Don’ts

Stretching – Muscle soreness. What can you do by yourself?

My website is based on my own experiences and what I’ve already learned at my education. 

Hope you will follow!